miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2014

Fouth lesson of Dutch, Doei!

This was our last lesson of Dutch which is really sad because I was actually enyoing the language and the lessons.

The lesson started with a disscusion about hobbies like we did last day. We paired up and started asking personal things about hobbies so we could practice and remember the structures from the last lesson.

After that the teacher asked some of us a question on hobbies to check our work, she did correct us and gave us feedback of our answers. Little by little is more natural for me to speak in Dutch even if sometimes I got cofused with the phonetics of German.

Then the teacher gave us a little piece of paper, it was like a postcard written in Dutch. We had to read the document and find three words related to family. We did not know what the text said but we were able to find two family words. In the end there were three words for relatives. The teacher used the blackboard and asked us to say family related words so she could translated them to Dutch and little by little creating a vocabulary list.

We were given a handout where we could check the postcard vocabulary. There were also some questions in English and Dutch and an exercise on that (we had to join the English question with the Dutch one). Then we had to pair up again and ask each other while writting down the answers. The teacher told us to stop and she went pair by pair asking what could we say about our partners family. In my case I talked about the granparents of my partner.

Then we were given some facts and we had to find someone in the class that could respond ‘yes’ to that fact. We learnt the structure ‘zoek iemand die…’

Overall we learnt a lot of things in this lesson and it’s a great end to this lessons. It was very interesting studying a new language.