lunes, 20 de octubre de 2014

First lesson of Dutch! Goedemorgen!

Today we started Dutch lessons. I did not know what to expect but I was happy to learn a new language.

When we entered the class we could read “Goedemorgen” on the blackboard. The teacher gave us a handout. She introduced to us the phonetics of Dutch by repeating the sounds out loud so we could repit them afterwards. She also taught us how pairs of vowels work in Dutch with the same exercise. She even put some words in English so we could guess the sounds from examples.

Then we moved to numbers, the teacher taught us the structure of numbers and showed us the basic ones (zero to nine) so we could guess the rest. We repited the numbers out loud. This was really helpful because I studied German before and some numbers seem the same but are pronounced very differently. After that we were asked our age and we had to answer in Dutch, it was a very simple excercise yet very useful because that way we started to know each other aswell as producing Dutch sounds by ourselves.

The teacher asked about ways of getting to know people and introducing yourself. We said some ideas like: asking for names, age, studies, where they’re from, greetings, hobbies…
After that the teacher played an audio where two people met each other for the first time and they introduce each other. We had that conversation written so we could read and listen at the same time. Actually it was very easy to understand and we discovered some basic Ducth structures and sentences. Under the conversation we could revise some of the vocabulary in a list.

Then we were given another paper in which we were asked to fill the blank parts. It consisted in introducing sentences in Dutch. We did it in pairs so in the end we asked and we were asked every question.

At the end of the lesson the teacher asked us to write a brief introduction in the forum with the handout.

This first class was really encouraging since it introduced me to a new language, that I thought it was very difficult, in a way that I really enjoyed. Let’s see how it goes with the next lesson!!